She Loves Finding Treasures

dance recital program

The project for the weekend was cleaning the garage.  We all know that before long, the white stuff which shall remain nameless will be here and therefore, we needed to organize.  I came across two boxes that had traveled from our parents homes to our garage some time ago.  I blew off the dust and opened the flaps.  Oh my, it was a trip through time.  My husband and I dug deeper in the box and with each layer, our story unfolded.

Well, what is our story?  I shall tell you but I am not sure you will believe it.  It all started, little did we know, at a ballet recital (hence the pic of the actual program from that night.)  A lovely young man of 14 years, was forced to go to his sister’s ballet recital.  Now, his sisters had been taking dancing classes since they were 4. Every year, they had a dance recital with ALL of their students. That meant you got to sit on your rump for 3 hours while you watched EVERYONE prance around from toddlers to grown women, and a few guys. Just as this lovely young man was about to loose it, he noticed a young dancer take the stage. He couldn’t take his eyes off her.  Mesmerized by her, he leaned over, took a picture with the camera, and said to his mom'”Some day I am going to marry that girl.”  The rest of the concert, he sat straight up in his chair just waiting for another glance of her.  Convinced he would never meet this lovely dancer,  he let the thoughts settle into the back of his mind. The recital ended and with it, the thoughts of the beautiful dancer.

In 1984, my husband and I met at a party hosted by our friends.  We didn’t know at the time, that the party was thrown just so we could meet each other.  Neither one of us would have shown up had we known.  He had the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen and as the night went on, we found ourselves talking for hours.  He asked for my number but I didn’t give it to him.  I figured that if he was really interested, he would find a way to get it, and call me.  Well, he did.  One date led to another and soon it was very clear that this relationship was something special.  It came time for me to meet his family. We were enjoying a nice evening at his parents house and his mother broke out the photo albums. I turned the pages from his baby pictures, through his elementary years and then there it was.  I was staring at  picture of me.  Totally decked out in a ballet recital costume from 1980.  Not sure what to think I said, “Um…that is me. How…Why…Huh? Why do you have a picture of me in this photo album?”  The room fell silent.  I was a bit creeped out, and my boyfriend just stared at me. Finally his mom broke the silence.  She said,”Roger, do you remember what you said that night?”  “Yes” he replied, “And I guess I was right.”  His mother swiftly put the albums away and Trivia Pursuit was hurried on the table as if to change the subject.  I had no idea what they were talking about but I went with the flow.  The night came to an end, and as Roger led me to my front door, he told me the story of how my photo came to be placed in his album.

It has now been 31 years and two daughters later since that first sighting at the ballet recital. He still has the most beautiful brown eyes I have ever seen and we still talk for hours. What started out today as cleaning the garage has been a reminder of just how lucky we are.

The planners from college, our first married years tax returns, dance recital programs, scientific research papers, awards, graduation cards, letters from parents (who have now passed), and a few dozen pictures all tell our story.  Life goes by so fast.  Thank you for allowing me to take time to tell a story…our story. Stories tie us together and give us perspective. Perhaps you will take time to open a box somewhere and tell your story.


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