She threw a dart at a map and off She went!


We are back from a wee vacation state side and have some fun bits to share.  As my kids leave the nest, I wanted a family vacation not to far from home and quiet.  Unfortunately, with schedules already in full swing, my daughters had commitments and couldn’t go with us.  Note to self, get planning NOW for next break!  We just couldn’t decide where to go, so, of course the logical thing to do was to circle off a region of the USA on a map and throw a dart. (true story)  I gave it a toss and the winner was Arkansas.  “Never been to Arkansas”, was the only response I received.  My husband launched on a mission to plan some sight seeing and find a cabin.  We visited Eureka Spring, Fairfield Bay, Little Rock, and various other towns along the way. Our take aways from the trip:  1. Folks from Arkansas are the most friendly people we have ever met.  2. Be prepared to slow down and chat.  Even the clerk at the grocery store sincerely wants to who and how your are.  3. Not only can they tell stories, and they do, but they really want to hear yours.  4. Arkansonians(?) have a way of making you feel at home.  5.There is nothing like southern cooking and we will miss it!   Below is a list of places we recommend if you are ever in the area or if you too use the dart system to choose your next vacation and it lands in Arkansas.

Check it out:

  • Eureka Springs is a lovely town full of shops, restaurants, and music. If you get a chance, stop by The Stone House.  Excellent wine selection and pairings.
  • Little Rock:  We were lucky to get seats at a pop up dinner and sat next to the local food critic for the news paper.  Here are the hot spots in Little Rock that we loved: The Southern Gourmasian, The Root, Diamond Bear Brewing Company, and The Flying Fish.  Also check out the Clinton Museum and the Civil Rights Museum.

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