And She is BACK!


Happy Holidays 2014 from The Hudson’s

Well it looks like 2014 got away from me and what a year it was!  I went on amazing adventures, became a little more bionic with the addition of a pacemaker, began new leadership roles in my career and in our community, became a host parent to a wonderful girl from Paraguay, made it through the high school graduation of our youngest child, and became an empty nester(ish).  In addition to all this, I have discovered/created new and wonderful things to share with you including travel, music, food, and more.  Today here at home, it is a whopping -10 degrees for the high which created a “snow” day for the school district.  After I just finish some research for the new positions I mentioned, my next move will be to begin to update my posts to this blog Finally!


One thought on “And She is BACK!

  1. Was thrilled to see this in my email! Can’t wait to see all of your new creations, and to hear about your experiences!

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