What She Learned Today

My morning was spent strolling through the East Village and Farmers Market.  I was able to grab some wonderful spices at AllSpice and beautiful produce from my favorite vendors.  The end of the season really is the best time to hit the market in my opinion.  I buy up all the uglies (tomatoes with flaws) and crank out pints of sauce.  The recipe for which will follow shortly.

This afternoon I created what I thought may be my signature cupcake for this blog. I planned on calling this cupcake, “Better Than…”  I watched my taste testers dive into each cupcake and I waited with great anticipation for the feedback.  I was sure I knew which one was the winner.  After several rounds of testing and much deliberating the results were compiled.  The testers believe that this blog should not have just one cupcake as a signature.  So what I learned today was that ANY cupcake is “Better Than” not having a cupcake.  A BIG thank you to all my taste testers and a shout out to the folks at AllSpice who advised me on which spices to use to put a KICK in my cupcakes.  You can find recipes from todays adventures on this blog.  I hope you cook up some great aromas in your kitchen and share the results with your favorite people!


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