She is Stocking the Freezer

Time to use up the last of my garden goodies.  I set to work this morning making a new bread and an old favorite. I finished up the Zucchini Bread (old favorite) from my post yesterday and added what I think will be a new favorite; Rhubarb Beer Bread.  My husband and I made a … Continue reading

She Loves Finding Treasures

The project for the weekend was cleaning the garage.  We all know that before long, the white stuff which shall remain nameless will be here and therefore, we needed to organize.  I came across two boxes that had traveled from our parents homes to our garage some time ago.  I blew off the dust and … Continue reading

She has an empty nest

Of course, I am kidding with what I am about to state, and please know that we are very proud and happy for our daughters as they experience their path in life, but I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, who ever came up with the idea of giving your kids “wings” … Continue reading

She Offered a Gap Year

A little reflection time is good for your brain.  One year ago, we offered a Gap Year to our youngest.  A year intended to be a gap between high school and the next chapter to reflect and discover. I was familiar with the idea from my family in Europe and believe it to be a … Continue reading

She is heading back to work menu

This weeks menu is healthy and easy.  I will try to keep posting weekly menu’s as I have time, but it is back to work and, in addition, finishing my masters.  I have the main courses listed on the board but you will find some of the side dishes below as well.  I hope you … Continue reading