She is making diabetic friendly food

Now that a family member is tracking numbers and watching their levels, I am working to create extremely low carb meals. Even looking at carbs tends to cause them to spike. Today, I put together my lasagna using zuccihni as the noodles. It was a great hit and so far no spikes! Enjoy. Zucchini Lasagna … Continue reading

Grandmama’s Pancakes

Growing up, it was always a treat to have breakfast for dinner. When I had my own family, I decided to keep this tradition. I whipped up a batch of pancakes, sausage and home made syrup. I called the family to the table for dinner and the evening took a turn. My three year old … Continue reading

She lives in a house divided

Well, the first snow fall hit us and as usual, it wasn’t much and didn’t last. We were, however, a house divided. My husband woke up, looked out the window and crawled back in bed . I got up and poured a cuppa and tried to enjoy the beauty. The dogs headed out the back … Continue reading

She is Getting Ready for Snow

As if 2020 doesn’t suck enough, it looks like snow will begin to fall tomorrow. It has been great to get outside during this pandemic and I wonder how we will survive being cooped up as the temps begin to dip. Perhaps a little comfort food will help. These are two of my tummy warming … Continue reading