She Offered a Gap Year

A little reflection time is good for your brain.  One year ago, we offered a Gap Year to our youngest.  A year intended to be a gap between high school and the next chapter to reflect and discover. I was familiar with the idea from my family in Europe and believe it to be a … Continue reading

She is heading back to work menu

This weeks menu is healthy and easy.  I will try to keep posting weekly menu’s as I have time, but it is back to work and, in addition, finishing my masters.  I have the main courses listed on the board but you will find some of the side dishes below as well.  I hope you … Continue reading

Here She is with another weekly menu

I LOVE the fact that my followers messaged me to ask for another weekly menu.  I intended to have it up on Sunday, my apologies! So, here is what we are we are having this week for dinner.  And next week…just wait!  We celebrated my birthday and I am now the proud owner of a lovely Tagine … Continue reading

She is making weekly dinner menu’s

This summer I am trying to make an effort to cook more and eat out less.  I find that it has helped create more family time.  Our kids are college aged and our summers are scattered with various events and obligations, but if Mum is making dinner, they come running.  Usually it is not just our … Continue reading

She is enjoying a wee bit of Guinness Stew!

On our adventures over the summer, we were able to visit the Guinness factory in Dublin.  The nice wee waiter at the restaurant was kind to share a recipe for Guinness Stew with me.  Enjoy with a lovely pint and a side of champ (creamed mashed potato’s and spring onion) and peas or shaved sprouts! Ingredients … Continue reading