She is making weekly dinner menu’s

This summer I am trying to make an effort to cook more and eat out less.  I find that it has helped create more family time.  Our kids are college aged and our summers are scattered with various events and obligations, but if Mum is making dinner, they come running.  Usually it is not just our … Continue reading

She is enjoying a wee bit of Guinness Stew!

On our adventures over the summer, we were able to visit the Guinness factory in Dublin.  The nice wee waiter at the restaurant was kind to share a recipe for Guinness Stew with me.  Enjoy with a lovely pint and a side of champ (creamed mashed potato’s and spring onion) and peas or shaved sprouts! Ingredients … Continue reading

She is addicted to Buttermilk Syrup!

My husband and I were traveling back from our daughter’s show choir concert and stopped by a little diner in northwest Iowa.  Well let me tell you, I discovered the BEST pancake syrup ever!  I had a lovely conversation with the cook and she agreed to share the recipe for my blog.  I asked her … Continue reading

She loves a story that ends in CUPCAKES!

A few weeks ago, a friend shared a story with me.  I always love it when people share stories!  Stories of traditions, family and friends are extra special. Telling a story makes the world slow down, connect and listen.  My friend (Jenny) wanted to do something special for her sister (Michelle) on her birthday.  Every year for … Continue reading

And She is BACK!

Well it looks like 2014 got away from me and what a year it was!  I went on amazing adventures, became a little more bionic with the addition of a pacemaker, began new leadership roles in my career and in our community, became a host parent to a wonderful girl from Paraguay, made it through … Continue reading

She will be off on an adventure!

So even though it is a few months away, I have to share my excitement.  My husband and I are taking about a month off this summer to tour Dublin, the south of France and Paris.  What better way to celebrate 25 years of marriage and almost 30 years together total? (he deserves a medal) … Continue reading